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Our story

Black Sheep are unusual, unique, and different. Black Sheep Farms embraces those qualities and capitalizes on them. Less than 4% of farms in the US are black owned. Less than 10% of farms are hydroponic. We aren't afraid to stand out. We have a history of it! Our owner Dee Strange-Gordon has an impressive Major League Baseball Career honored with many awards and broken records. But it's his dream of giving back to his local community that fuels his work with Black Sheep Farms.

Dee researched many farming avenues, intending to grow the most delectable and highest-quality produce possible. When he tried the fresh lettuce and greens growing in the pristine environment of an indoor hydroponic farm, he tasted the difference immediately. Indoor vertical farming is the future of premium, abundant, nutritious, and, most importantly, delicious produce. Dee knew this premium produce was a game-changer on every level, enticing the most discriminating chef and appealing to children in a way traditional lettuce never could. Now Dee is making sure these types of nutritional and fresh greens are available to all communities.

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